“Everything at White River Lodge was great. The people are so nice, and the place is clean and smells good. The eats are good, and I think it must be one of the best nursing homes around. I would not be doing so well if I had not stayed there for some therapy. I would recommend White River Lodge to anyone if they must go to a nursing home.” – J.D.

“I got real good care and the staff were really nice to me. I am feeling a lot better now and getting around a lot better and I am glad I came here for my therapy.” – Mike H.

“I have been really pleased with the care and the therapy. I am so glad I chose to have therapy here and know I would not have done so well if I had just gone home after the surgery. If I have the other knee done, I plan to come back here.” – Mardelle E.

“Hi, I’m Norma,  and I loved everything about my stay at White River Lodge. The people that work there are so nice, the food is great, and the therapists do a good job. I will definitely come back here if I ever need to and I recommend it to anyone needing to go to a nursing facility. I am a people person and I can tell that the staff like people too and I have really enjoyed getting to know them. I want to thank the staff and I really appreciate everything done for me during my stay.” – Norma T.

“White River Lodge was a Godsend for my husband and for me also. Everyone there was so nice and took good care of my husband. I am so glad that my daughter knew about White River Lodge and recommended that he go there for rehab. He was pleased with the care he received and we so appreciate everyone there. He is doing well since his stay and we would recommend White River Lodge to anyone needing nursing facility services.” – Barbara and David R.

“I have been so pleased with the care that my father has received at White River Lodge. He has been a resident there for a year and therapy has performed miraculous achievements with him. It feels like home and always smells pleasant. Everyone is friendly and feel like family.” – Pam

“This place is like home away from home. They give us our freedom and one of the really good things about the place is that if you don’t come out of your room, the staff come to you to visit and make sure things are okay. They give me everything I need. It’s a blessing and I am so thankful this is the place I came to.” – M.P.E.

“The staff and residents are great!” – Nancy W.

“I could not have placed my loved one in a more homelike setting than White River Lodge.  The staff treated her with kindness and extended the same courtesy to me and my husband when we visited and truly made all of us feel loved. Feeling of family really does describe White River Lodge.  It is a beautiful and clean facility that offers exceptional care and I knew right from the start she was in the right place. I did shop around prior to her placement there and never once thought I had made the wrong decision. I am so thankful for this facility and I highly recommend this facility to anyone whether it be for a long-term stay or a short-term stay for rehab!” – Christina H.

“I am very happy with my husband’s care at White River Lodge. His brother is also very satisfied and he isn’t easy to satisfy so that should tell everyone something!” – P.T.

“I came to work here because I feel close to the elderly. I like working with them and White River Lodge is small home like facility and home. I just like it all.” – Nancy D.

“If you need to go somewhere to recuperate think about WRL. I just saw my heart doctor this past week for a checkup. He said there was no reason I could not have my surgery and I told him the only way I would have the surgery is if he sent me to White River Lodge for my therapy to resuperate. The reason is this place is just one BIG family! I love every resident, nurse and all the CNAs. I love the therapist and the activity center staff. It was the greatest during my last stay. The office gals were great to answer all my questions. I just feel that White River Lodge is the best place for therapy as well as to live when the time comes I have to need it.” – Sue Cagle

“I enjoy working here. Out of all the places I have worked, this is the most family-oriented facility in our town. The employees truly care about the resident and their family members. It is more like home than work.” –Robin R.

“I spent a little over three weeks receiving skilled therapy services. The time went fast and I got to know several people there. If I needed anything there was always someone to help me find the answer. The therapist make you work hard, but this gets you home and it is worth it. The private room with big-screen TV was a nice touch and I loved the BINGO!” – B.M.

“I was very impressed with the Therapy Department at the Lodge. The therapist are a great group of people that got me home quickly. No one wants to go to a nursing home, but it’s a great place to rehab when needed.” – H.H.

“I simply just got the best therapy! I have been to other facility but left and came to this one. It was the best decision.” – R.T.

“I like it here myself and they are very good to you. I have been her for eight years, so I would know! – L.D.

“I enjoy working here and make it as fun and exciting as I can. Activities such as church, concerts, ice cream socials, dance therapy, and bus rides are some the things we do here. The residents enjoy and are involved in the planning of the lifestyle calendar monthly. I give them 100% in making sure that every activity is fun for them.” – Donna C.

“The facility is good. I like EVERYTHING about it. I have chosen to live here for nine years, the staff have become my extended family and they treat me great.” – P.D.


I got real good care and the staff were really nice to me. I am feeling a lot better now and getting around a lot better and I am glad I came here for my therapy.
Mike H.

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